International organization: Belarus and Russia
Since 2019

Legal & Compliance

Legal support and resolution of crises and disputes, alongside compliance services tailored to the unique regulatory landscapes of Belarus and Russia. Gain legal guidance, ensuring your business stays compliant and navigates challenges seamlessly in these specific jurisdictions.
  • Legal support & advising
    Navigating the intricate legal landscapes of Belarus and Russia can be challenging for businesses. With tailored and independent legal opinions, your business can confidently overcome legal hurdles and focus on problem solving.
  • Dispute resolutions
    Resolving disputes and crises in Belarus and Russia requires specialized expertise due to the unique legal frameworks in these countries. The advocates may operate, protect interests, and provide solutions tailored to the specificities of both jurisdictions.
  • Аdvocacy & defence
    Protecting the rights and interests of business owners and executives requires the guidance of a skilled and dedicated attorney. Trust our experienced team to navigate the legal landscape, providing strategic counsel and robust representation .

Main legal & compliance practises

Specialisations embrace all major Belarusian business law and economy sectors.
  • Compliance
    • anti-corruption compliance
    • anti-monopoly compliance
    • sanctions compliance
    • personal data protection
  • Legal support
    • contracts
    • corporate law and M&A
    • tax law
    • labour law
  • Models and business processes
    • corporate governance
    • code of conduct
    • business partner/third party verification / screening
    • conflict of interests
  • Crises and disputes
    disputes, claims and trials
    state fines, claims and finansial sanctions
    internal investigations
    criminal and administrative prosecution