International organization: Belarus and Russia
Since 2019

Intelligence, KYC & Due dilligence of third party: navigation to make dessisions

Assistance in risk management and crisis resolution through compliance practices of assessing companies, business partners and stakeholders, including research and intelligence.
  • Coverage area
    • Russia
    • Belarus
    • Kazakhstan
  • Expert and technical support
    The research is accompanied by consultations and is adapted to the specific tasks and the context of the due-diligence & intelligence.
  • Standards
    The investigation is conducted in accordance with the standards of risk management and compliance, KYC (know your client) / third party scseeing.

Аdaptation to business request

The best third party check is one that helps you make a decision.

Contextual (enhanced) screening / due dilligence of third party

Risk management standards require taking into account the context in which a business partner assessment is conducted. We identify fore most typical contexts for the сontextual (enhanced) screening / due dilligence of third party:
  • preparation for entering into a transaction/agreement,
  • mergers and acquisitions (M&A), various forms of business partnership and strategic business cooperation;
  • crisis situations and legal disputes (debts, fulfillment of obligations, criminal investigations and financial sanctions of authorized government bodies);
  • internal investigations.
Contextual (enhanced) screening goes beyond traditional due diligence, providing an expert assessment with the development of recommendations and consultations based on the specific context of the assessment. Additionally, we offer post-technical support and guidance throughout the process.

Complex research (Intelligence) of corporations and their businesses

Complex research of corporations and their businesses is a unique level of Due diligence / screening of companies with a complex corporate structure and many business areas and products.
The research is conducted using a multifactor analysis method. The final document is a comprehensive report backed by credible sources and documents. Each study provides expert conclusions and recommendations. You may use the research results and report as a formal document for official purposes (submissions to court, government agencies) or for business decisions.
Such research is important when the risks are extremely high, the business and company have a complex structure, studies of changes over time are needed, it is important to conduct many interviews or use many sources.


The research meets all legal requirements and can be used as official opinions (documents).